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Tinton Falls, NJ – Join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of The Estates at Tinton Falls, a one of a kind collection of luxury homes featuring a blend of traditional detailing and modern floor plan designs. The event will take place on Sunday, May 7th, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Families who attend the celebration will share light fare, refreshments and a tour of the newly completed model homes. Each home at The Estates at Tinton Falls will be thoughtfully constructed by Ronique NJ, LLC, and is one more in a series of new communities being built by this developer.

Presenting the Berkeley Model, a 3,400 – sq. ft. masterpiece of upscale living featuring a two-story entry, Great room with vaulted ceilings and 2 story fireplace. Retire to your Luxurious Master bedroom with sitting area and private ensuite. Our Grand Opening Event is slated for Sunday, May 7th, 2017 as Ronique NJ., LLC., unveils its newest luxury home community.

At the Grand Opening celebration, buyers will discover our exclusive home designs and styles, endless customization options and starting prices from $599,900. The largest homes in this private cul-de-sac community offer designs up to 3,400+ sq. ft., with room to grow; the expansive home-sites are up to one half acre and larger. Each home will consist of 4-5 bedrooms, 2 ½ to 3 baths, however, it is about far more than just space. The open-concept design, gourmet kitchens, a first-floor guest suite or home office and expansive master suites are all available.  An abundance of windows provides ample natural lighting, allowing interiors to flow seamlessly outside to park-like backyards.

Well designed, single family home luxury is the hallmark of The Estates at Tinton Falls. Explore our community’s charm with Belgian Block curbing, sidewalks and decorative street lamps.  A host of impressive standard features includes dramatic 9’ ceilings, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, Armstrong hardwood flooring, Kohler fixtures and a fireplace. With high ceilings in the basements, homebuyers can also add value with customizations including but not limited to a wine cellar, home theatre, office, or game room. Oversized two- and three-car garages leave plenty of space for storing and organizing your outdoor gear.

The Estates at Tinton Falls location offers exceptional shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities modern families have come to expect in a prime suburban locale, but also enjoys an desirable proximity to both the famed New Jersey beaches and the employment and cultural offerings of New York City.

Within a few minutes’ drive, homeowners will find an enchanting mix of shops and restaurants such as Pier Village in Long Branch and The Grove at Shrewsbury. In addition don’t forget to head to the acclaimed entertainment venues of Red Bank and Asbury Park.

Just a stone’s throw from Colts Neck Township, outdoor enthusiasts will find nearby championship golf, hiking, canoeing, and historical landmarks to explore, including those at Allaire State Park, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Thompson Park, Shark River Park, Holmdel Park, and Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook. Commuters will appreciate the easy access to the Garden State Parkway, I-195, Route 18, and NJ Transit service to Manhattan and other employment centers.

 Built by Ronique N.J, LLC., each luxury home at The Estates at Tinton Falls is sure to inspire. Crafted with quality products from the ground up, Ronique NJ., LLC., the developers of Estates at Tinton Falls, is a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience. They’ve built hundreds of homes in New York and New Jersey, priding themselves on creating well-designed and well-appointed homes in great neighborhood settings, including the recently completed Cedar Village in East Brunswick. From flooring to faucets and everything in between, homeowners can be assured that care has been taken to select from only the finest home products available.

Home builders and developers Joe Puma Sr. and Joe Puma Jr. are heading up construction at The Estates at Tinton Falls. Joe Puma Jr. stated, “Starting with great overall design principles, we have added an array of design options to satisfy your desire to make your new home distinctly yours.”  Super energy-efficient heating and cooling systems coupled with classic design and a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty ensure your investment will stand the test of time.

Celebrate with us during our Grand Opening Event, Sunday, May 7th at 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The sales center and model homes are located at 12 Manzo Court, Tinton Falls, NJ. GSP North to Exit 105, take Exit to Rt. 18 north to Exit 15A (Wayside rd.), merge onto Wayside Rd. proceed 1000 feet and make a right onto Imperial Court (which will turn into Manzo Court). From the Local side of GSP South take Exit 105; at bottom of ramp make a right turn, travel 1000 feet make a Right onto Imperial Court. *From the Express side of GSP South take Exit 105 continue to Hope Rd. jug-handle follow around and continue on Hope Rd.  Make a left onto Pine Brook Rd. and then a right turn onto Manzo Court.

To find out more information about The Estates at Tinton Falls, please contact our exclusive agent Valerie Santangelo, Sales Director of Neuhaus Realty. Call (888) 343-5171 or (732) 804-8360 for additional information or to schedule an appointment to preview the homes and models.

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