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Joe Puma and Dominick DeSimone of Ronique NJ are proud to announce their newest community will officially be opening this Spring. With the project currently being built and two model homes under construction, this is a unique opportunity for buyers to purchase the home they have always dreamed of. The limited collection of 17 unique custom homes are conveniently located in the heart of Monmouth County, Tinton Falls, NJ.

The Estates at Tinton Falls is the latest in a series of communities offered by Ronique NJ. Prices from the upper $500’s to the mid $600’s, these single-family homes offer style and affordability in a central location. Four home plans from 2,800 to 3,400 sq. ft. with 4-5 bedrooms offer attractive exteriors accented with stone, siding, and an abundance of windows to let the sunshine in. Thoughtful layouts include open-style living spaces, gourmet-style kitchens, a guest suite or office on the first floor, and large master suites. Interior s flow seamlessly outside to covered porches and nicely sized backyards.

The Berkeley Model is one of four new and exciting plans being offered at the Estates at Tinton Falls. It’s open style floor plan features an impressive two story entry and an abundance of living space throughout.

The Estates at Tinton Falls is just a stone’s throw away from Colts Neck Township and is conveniently located off Wayside Avenue and Imperial Court. It is close to shopping at The Grove at Shrewsbury and The Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. Enjoy everything the Jersey Shore offers, including nearby beaches, championship golf and fine dining at local restaurants. For commuters, you have easy access to the Garden State Parkway, I-195, Route 18, and NJ Transit to New York City.

Impressive features come standard at the Estates at Tinton Falls, including granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, Bruce hardwood flooring, and Kohler plumbing fixtures. All homes come with a basement, and with options to finish part or all, which opens the opportunity for things like a wine cellar, a home theatre, home office, or game room.

The developer’s of Ronique NJ, LLC, have recently completed Cedar Village at East Brunswick. The Ronique team of seasoned professionals have decades of experience and have built hundreds of homes in NY and NJ. Managing partner, Joe Puma said, “These are well-designed and well-appointed homes in a great neighborhood setting.” Each home at the Estates will also offer many areas to personalize your home so you can truly call it your own.

To get on our VIP list for the preview opening this Spring, please contact our exclusive agent Valerie Santangelo of Neuhaus Realty. Call (888) 343-5171 or (732) 804-8360 for additional information or an appointment to preview the homes.

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